Ame Watterson

Managing Broker


Ame Watterson

Ame lives by the idea that homes are as individual as the people they shelter.

In a market that has become increasingly complex, most people need help navigating the risks and opportunities. Past experiences with loans, timelines, property condition, and valuation may no longer hold true.

With expert accreditation in buying, selling, short sale negotiation, and home staging, Ame enjoys sharing her candid assessments with prospective buyers and sellers based based on current market conditions. By helping clients consider their financial goals as well as their emotional, strategic, and tactical needs, Ame often becomes a trusted advisor beyond the traditional role of the Realtor.

In her dealings with clients, lenders, inspectors, and other agents, Ame is down-to-earth, personable, quick-witted, and direct. She tightly manages the schedules and communication flow among all parties, setting expectations clearly and monitoring deadlines like a hawk.

Known for rolling up her sleeves and sweating the details to get the best results, Ame is passionate about client satisfaction. That’s why she has earned recognition as Seattle Magazine’s Five Star Real Estate agent for 2009, and the President’s Award for Outstanding Service during her seven years with Metropolitan Park LLC, where she serves as managing broker covering the South Puget Sound region.

Combining intuition with experience and extensive training, Ame loves to discover the unique qualities, concerns and potential of every home – and every client – she encounters.

Ame is ready to equip you with the information, strategies and tactical support you need to realize your goals. Contact Ame today to get started.

Meet Your Agent

My name: Ame Watterson

I am: A Managing Broker/Realtor

Born In: Puyallup, Wa

Biggest Challenge: Finding time to enjoy my hobbies‎

Alarm Clock: Cell phone

Perfect Day: Thunder, lightning, and winds, lots of wind!

Best Adrenaline Rush: Walking across a ravine on a suspension bridge

Super Hero Power: Speed

Lived in which area neighborhoods: Sumner, Poulsbo, Tacoma

Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant: Garden Thai

Inspiration: Pocahontas, Susan B. Anthony, Michelle Grimm‎, my boss lady

Metropolitan Park is: A firm of dedicated people that have formed a support system that can’t be beat


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