Dayna Tolman



Dayna Tolman

Dayna has a personal mission statement that encompasses her life as a person, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, community member, volunteer, and real estate professional: “Always offer my best.”  She is conscientious of the needs of each buyer and seller. Fair warning: if you are going to list your home with her… she has a high standard that yields great results! She has confidence to not only facilitate the best selling price for your home, but also an explicit knowledge of the inventory to get the best purchase price. Dayna keeps her clientele to a personal manageable minimum to give each the absolute most for their investment. She takes her role as your REALTOR very serious but couldn’t possibly survive in this industry without a belief in the importance of having fun at work. Not only is she adept at managing the complexities of both buyers and sellers, she provides the most professional and thorough service that is difficult to match in the Pacific Northwest.

On a personal level, Dayna has called the Pacific Northwest her home now for 22 years, with her wife Tammy and their son Tre. She has many interests and loves learning! She has a rich, full list of life’s experiences but wants to put those aside and prefers to talk about YOU. Who are you? What is your story?  What do you want and need? How can Dayna help you?

Meet Your Agent

My name: Dayna Tolman

I am: A lover of Tammy; a mom to Tre; a daughter/sister/aunt; a REALTOR/Broker; a community/state/national supporter; an information sponge; and embracer of change

Born In: A hospital in the USA, state of California, and town of Redlands

Biggest Challenge: Letting my perfectionist tendencies shine through when needed and knowing when to let them go

Alarm Clock: Primarily sensory: sounds, light, and touch

Perfect Day: 95% predictable (via preparedness) with a smattering 5% of surprise 🙂

Best Adrenaline Rush: Striking out a good batter swinging

Super Hero Power: Ethical use of the honesty lasso

Lived in which area neighborhoods: Edmonds Picnic Point; Seattle Belltown; Edmonds 5-Corners

Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant: Bar Dojo/Noodle Hut

Inspiration: Knowledge of how it feels to change for the better and to replicate that process

Huge Gratitude: To be alive in a time so full of love, hope, passion, and technology

Metropolitan Park is: Committed to giving more to their clients than they could possibly get anywhere else


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